April 15, 2017


Road towards Jibowu through Yabatech Road

Life indeed is a journey, and every steps and walk are usually through  pathways to wherever destination you are headed, no matter who you are or what you do. I remembered this road I usually walk along everyday to and fro my time of studying in Yaba College of Technology then, as an art student. Sometimes I even recall run along it whenever I am running late for my classes since I was a part time student and working at Isolo area, Lagos.

Every journey you embark on in life they say leads you to a destination. It was really hard making the decision then of taking evening classes, sacrificing my time & pleasures, resources, money and commuting stress back home to Ikorodu everyday, but was all worth it and remembering now. This is just to share the timeless fact and saying below to whoever cares to agree; that 'Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations' - unknown

My retrospect here of living in Lagos then is a reminder that whatever roads we decide to take in life, be it the hard, easy one, the popular or less taken by others, is worth remembering, grateful for and most importantly, profitable if it is positive one. I also feel that we as a Nation, full of abundant natural/human resources should do better, deserve good and enjoy more of life's paths wherever we live in. Are we striving for the attainment of advancement, better roads, good infrastructures or just complacent where we are as compared to other countries? If I was to come back to this road sometime again, would I still see it this way or better?

Pathways should remind of us where we come from, our memories and life journeys. It should be a link between our past and future. Whatever we do with or to these pathways, or what we do about making life and living worth better, easier and enjoyable to coming generations after us really matters. Would you walk through and leave good steps and paths after you? I also remembered that I never did one day litter the roads or paths that I have walked through.Will your own contributions or sacrifices enhance or better your environments or country? Its all worth thinking about and doing, don't you think?

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August 04, 2015


Lagos will always be #Lagos,and this is another memory catch-back from living and commuting in/out of Ikorodu, in Lagos. This is popular ketu bus stop, where i usually stop to buy me some banana  i always eat everyday at work then.When you live,or have lived in Lagos, like i used to, i bet you will understand what its like every morning there as a commutter, whether in your own private car, a public bus or even company bus ride.Ketu is also another densely populated area of Lagos, with lots of activities, morning to sun down.

So, the interesting thing here is that this very bustop is a confluence or merging point of different people, vehicles,shops/businesses, street traders & hawkers, Newspaper vendors, different workers, pupils/students, bus conductors, danfo drivers (and their terrifying yellow buses),lackadaisical traffic Policemen/women and of course, the ever crazy traffic.This is the peak and busy spot called Ketu bustop. Everyone here is just involved in one thing or activity of the other,all sort of movements that tells you to keep moving and dont stop,or else you find yourself to blame. Oh yes, and such places too are where some fast finger boys dwell.

This is what a typical morning looks like and sometimes even when it rains,the hustling and bustling never ceases or stops.I remember there on my first time i had to leave home by 5am, from ikorodu just to avoid traffic and i was dazzled at how this ketu was already flooded with people and activities as early as that time of day. Lagosians are ever busy and fully stressed out everyday with such living conditions of our roads as they go to work, to make a living and survive, yet i keep wondering how long we will continue in such long style of under-development, insensitivity of Government and continous ignoring of the poor masses and the less previledge ones on the streets.

I am just here to share, to remember, to capture and express my memories and at same time, encouraging anyother person reading this that we(Nigeria)still have a long way to go. Everything works outside of Nigeria and why are we still down and backward in enhancing our civil environment,infastructures and citizens living conditions? I will leave that to you answer or ponder on. If 'e go better...', lets do our own part, do things right and keep praying and acting right. Eko no go baje more than how it is now.Anyone to say Amen?

 Happy New month ALL.

December 03, 2013


Life is an experience, living is an experience and attending the EXPERIENCE 8,Lagos 2013 is sure another life time experience too. The EXPERIENCE is a Gospel musical  Concert that has been consecutively held in Lagos, Nigeria since 2006.I attended the very first one and its really been an awesome and wonderful experience since then,and it also really got Lagos captivated in a frenzy state of surprise,wonder and excitement. It was a blast from then on and into all the years till now,and 2013 we have another just grand epic concert of its kind.

For me,it is just more than a concert that you go to and come back home still being you.I am here writing this piece not just because I was part of the first edition,but to bring to the attention of every one who cares for good live music concert, worship and praise,which has yet to be embraced by people in this part of the world.Even if you are not used to live music concerts,the experience will surely take your breath away as you listen to and sing along your favourite songs by the artistes live on stage. God is attracted to our praise. When you reverence Him and lift Him up, He lends His ear to your heart,in unity with other voices and faith,on such day.

Worship and praises should be a lifestyle that should be embraced by Nigerians(that is, You and I, whose faith and hope is in the Almighty God) especially in such times,season and phase that we are in this country.I employ you all, to come and seek the face of God again,over this nation, to worship in spirit and in truth, casting away our weariness, troubles and disappointments we get every day from our leaders and Governments. God never fails and praises, worship and reference is His food. The year 2013 is running out fast, so will it find us ALL as a nation that is not thankful and grateful for where we are, despite the security, political, infrastructural and social challenges?

Well, I will not remain an ingrate, I need this experience of a lifetime in worship, praises and prayers of reconciliation to God.We as a section of this country and people in Lagos can surely make a difference when we gather in our lot and strength to offer up sacrifices of praise again over this country. Too much of the complaining, too much of the killings, too much of the bomb scare and terrorists attacks and too much of the Government and leadership failures and insensitivity to our leaders of tomorrow and the youths.

So Nigerians,and Lagosians, its high time we let the whole world know that God inhabits the gatherings in His name as we see, experience and enjoy His goodness as we go into the coming year with a lot expectations and blessings. Won’t you rather have this experience of a lifetime and build up your confidence in our God that never fails.We need God again to turn things around for next year and here is another opportunity again. Its the EXPERIENCE Lagos, 2013 edition and you are invited. God bless you as you COME.

May 01, 2013

Angels on Campus.

It was one of those frustrating and painful day of life in Lagos. Sometimes even amidst your bad days and irritating situations,life do appear still loving,wonderful and beautiful,if you are sensitive enough and open enough to it.I didnt know that kind hearted and BEAUTIFUL ANGELS are still present all around us. My story is real and I want to share it with you ALL.

On my way back from Mile 2, after picking up my car from my where i parked somewhere, i had drove all the way to school, and at last, the engine just could not start up again after i got checked in at the security gate.I was so devastated and embarrassed and i was all alone. I did all i could and i was still in the way a bit for other incoming vehicles as the honking starts blaring up.What should I do?

Still trying to kick start the ignition, i heard three lovely female voices calling out at me, ' Hello!!Hello brother!! Hey, can we come and help you Push it? It was not a jest,a joke or a sarcastically driven comment,but a true and genuine voice of concern. What?!! Did i hear them right? Are there still good spirited and kind girls like these in our modern days and in Lagos? I could not believe it myself as i shouted back YES PLEASE, LADIES!! Right there were three cute and friendly smiling girls in my school.

And there I was again, off on a good considerable speed for me to start up the engine. It didnt even take them any effort at all.Thank you was the last words i said to them, as i looked back at the beautiful, different and courageous kind girls that helped me out through my rear view mirror. Now i know and do believe that there are still Angels and even in campuses.So Do you also believe in Angels, like me?Or even any Angel at all? Whenever I get a sudden unexpected help,smile,gift or even a greeting from a stranger,thats my defination of an Angel.Such actions are to me,quite angelic. And you could also appear to someone else as an Angel today in whatever you do, say or go.

Moral and essence of the story? Well, i don't know these girls,seen them before or would ever see them again, but i do know one thing that it was a needed help and a smile from them that I got

and i would ever appreciate and thank them for their angelic hands to my rescue. So the next time you need help,a heart lifting smile or need a helping hand(not necessarily with my type of car) ,I pray that you see those my lovely beautiful Angels on Campus or anywhere at all to come to your rescue. This note is to appreciate and to thank them specially again. God bless you Girls, God bless Naija too!! May the Angels of this month of May appear to you ALL and make u smile again.

December 03, 2012

Is Anyone interested in Lagos Parks?

There is a saying that; Do not take life too seriously,or you will never get out of it alive.But does that apply to Lagosians,and Nigerians,generally if i may ask? I always see the and enjoy the beautiful,greenish and very attractive Parks in Lagos,but its just so hard to see people in such places.Then I think that we Lagosians take life too more serious than taking time off or relaxing in leisure Parks. Please I choose to stand corrected if I am wrong on this observation.Does anyone agree with me on this claim, that we Nigerians(especially Lagosians) hardly find time for relaxation, fun and pleasure or even social time offs in our parks? Is anyone even interested in our parks i ask myself many times. Has the intensity of living,struggling and surviving totally robbed us off this activity? Maybe,maybe not,but i feel I should talk about this observation of mine here.

Parks according my dictionary definition, is a piece of ground,a place in or near a city or town, enclosed and kept for ornament and recreation, leisure and relaxation. It is also any well beautified, neat, reserved area for people to wait, rest, discuss, meet, read or even have a little public function, without infringing on other’s right of free movement or peace.But here in Lagos, I guess our parks are just meant only for its decoration sake and beautification campaign by the state Government.Parks now seems like such a place you could be arrested for if you ever stepped into it, relax there or even lie down on the well trimmed grasses. Or is there any new or existing Lagos State Leisure Parks/Recreation laws or rules that  I don’t know about at all? Why are people in Lagos always keep away from such parks or recreation centres?Is it not free again? Lagos-gardens Take the Hyde Park in London or the Central Park in New York as good examples of parks I am talking about here,as compared to parks in Lagos. Lagosians have been blessed with such beautiful parks around in almost every places,but its often very difficult to see its full utilization. Security issues apart,I think people of Lagos are so caught up in their hustle and bustle that they don’t remember if these parks are made for them at all.Would it be a crime again to chill out, relax and enjoy fresh air in this parks? Would I have to face the Law or the so many law enforcements guys in the state for visiting parks? Honestly,I wish that there is a law that would be made to arrest and take some people into these parks for simply relaxation or leisure sake. We have totally lost our sense of wonder, enjoyment and appreciating the little beauty of life. So I ask now, should relaxation and resting be confined only to the four walls of our homes?

 Yes,and oh Yes, we have to make money, feed, pay bills, and even buy those luxurious and exotic cars that we drive around in our crazy Lagos roads,but then, what happens to times in the parks with friends, kids and loved ones? Would it be bad if you just feel relaxed,calm, friendly and also be very grateful for Lagos state Government efforts of beautification? Or does it mean that the country’s state has gotten so much grip on us all that we fail to see the usefulness, benefits of developmental and healthy lifestyle that can result from such social investments? Well, I am sitting alone and enjoying the breeze and scenario around me here at the Oshodi Heritage park as I write this piece, and the whole Lagos is up there rushing up into its usual traffic jam. MTN is actually right that, Life is beautiful, especially when you see it from the view from a park, like i do now. Human societies cant survive solely alone on subjection to their BB’s,FB page,Home Theatres, Cinemas and other forms of relaxation.Its high time we as a nation also develop and cultivate our uses of parks habits for a healthier, sound,refreshing mind and spirits amidst our so many national tensions and issues. Don’t you think that will go a long way to reduce stress? 

 And finally,would you say my musings here is out of place? Or do you think we all as social beings don’t have any business relaxing at parks? As a resident of this wonderful city,I feel like pointing out this issue. I think most Lagosians don’t have enough time for parks, recreation or even relaxation. I try so many times myself to defy the Lagos lifestyles of bustling and hustling identity.I go to parks, to recreation centres,Amusement parks and any other good places for relaxation.I remember quite well,in days past that parents take their children to parks, for sight seeing,playing,games,relaxation and what have you?But these days,what do we have?I do often wonder why we don't take advantage of Lagos beautiful parks, it’s exquisite social infrastructures for recreation  and add more value to living and lifestyle of the people in this part of the country.I know Lagos will still be so chaotic, fast, unpredictable and absolutely time conscious, but I just wonder if it will be a crime if Lagosians will just take things easy,relax and enjoy their tax payers money,at least before year 2012 runs out. So go ahead,visit a park and reward yourself for your own contribution to the Mega city.
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October 30, 2012

No Bikes, No Money and No Food, Are you SERIOUS?

What is going on?Can someone please tell me what our country is turning into?Is there any more right to life and human rights?Is it terrorism,kidnappings, bomb attacks,airplane crashes,ritual activities or robbery attacks,mob killings, and even attacks on Government properties and the lists

goes on and on.Now is it true that there wont be opportunity for some motorcyclists in Lagos to earn a living? What is this country turning into,may I ask again?


Lagos okada riders are what I call them, you call them commercial motorcyclists that you find majorly in ALL and every parts of Lagos streets and roads. The most reliable and undisputable fast means for meeting up with deadlines given the situation of Lagos roads.So do you want to miss that appointment,or experience delay in sending across an urgent and emergency errands or needs,or miss an examination you are almost late for because of traffic,or can our banks even do without the so called dispatch riders on the move?

Can Lagos state as a whole survive without okadas? That is a typical online survey I came across following the recent ban of commercial motorcyclists (okada riders).I took part in the survey and my answer was typically NO. Yes,I mean NO,Lagos can not solely thrive okadas.WHY, you ask me?I think that its totally improper and unethically not right a time for such a law.Reasons because its like removing the popular yellow commercial buses (Danfo) from Lagos roads,which is IMPOSSIBLE.

Firstly, these means of transportation is cheap,fast,convenient, timely and a daily source of livelihood for almost 30% unemployed graduates who could not get any other type of jobs .I am not an okada rider,I have never rode any before but i speak from the pains and concerns of the majority who has no other hope for survival.And moreover, can any of these lawmakers boast truly that these same okada bikes has not in any way been used by them,assisted in services for them in one way or the other right from their college years to the present positions they hold now? Can we just stop deceiving ourselves and face facts? Where else would you classify these people after implementation of this law or ban?

Also unemployment rate is already soaring high, so ban the use of of okadas and you add insult to the injured lots of struggling masses of these country’s including many unemployed graduates, semi-literate and illiterates who do these okada business.Crime rate may soar because robbery and other social vices will arise,due to lots of disadvantage, disappointed and angry youths and people.Is it prostitution or high rate infidelity as another case of the multiple effects of such implementation of this laws,if more women are to fend for themselves and their family.What about most companies and banks using this bikes in meeting up for business as dispatch riders,the self supporting students who pay their fees through it and the list I tell you is quite endless.  Everything is surely going to have and feel the negative side effects. I tell you, most Lagosians are already suffering  now.Big time traffic jam, fuel scarcity, now added in is NO okada, are you serious?People wake up early and  get to bus stops by 5am and some may still get to office by 8am past 9am which is crazy when u are not traveling.Now school fees of Lagos state is equivalent to private universities, and everybody wants to go school.Come to think of it, all this issues will affect revenue and GDP,unemployment status of this country and even Lagos.

Lastly, though we know the stakes of accidental cases are high,and there is every tendency that highway riders are prone to dangers,but there are also measures that could be taken in reducing these problems in the state. The ban should be restricted to certain high way roads and not inner streets and every places. There should be strict formulated rules and safety guides or laws for high road motorcyclists users,so to minimize the casualties and accidents. So What am I saying? All I am trying to point out is that total ban, confiscations of bikes and rendering many jobless and stranded is not a very good and popular decision and law for now.Where there is no provision, there is no law. For such an implementation to take effect,there has to be a sort of provision made to take care of the multiple effects it brings. Are there alternative jobs? Are there skills acquisitions and trainings for becoming self employed if no okada riding again?What will be the fate of the private users of motorcyclists who use these transportation means? What happens to Banks or company employee dispatch riders jobs? I pray and wish that these lawmakers could just really understand, to see not just only from their high above status and positions, but to feel what it is like to be an average Nigerian or even under-average one if that will qualify the scenario.

Please must I say, that this is not the right time to ban Lagos bikes (Okada). At least Lagos government should make and plan an alternative means or medium for those affected citizens to live on . I just can’t imagine how a family man,able body,ready to work and provide for his family by making his meagre money through Okada riding now left with nothing else to do.Without no proper education,no other acquired skills, no business loans granted and not even social security. Consider also other people who have bikes to ease their transportation to work who don’t have cars? Any alternative for them? There are students who uses okada business to pay their school fees, still doing it and some graduated by it. It pains me a lot seeing how sudden some bikes are been taken by the police on the roads as if their owners are criminals.Is it bad enough again to engage in a legal hustling and business,through okada? Really is there is any future and hope for any common or poor man in this country? These questions are there in your hearts to reflect on and answer.Please let the government really reconsider,re-amend its decision or laws whatsoever for the many other effects this ban could cause to the masses.

August 01, 2012

LAGOS and ME: An introduction

So Where are you going?At what speed and what Time?To which event and also WHY? Great speed,much motion,rapid movement,but an unknown destination.
It is an old and Ironic Habit of human beings  to run faster when we have lost our way. And so I ask; has everyone in Lagos lost their way?

Hello there!! Are you living in Lagos, are you going somewhere?At what speed, what time,to where and why? Does it mean we ALL have lost our way? No, but WE are still  in Lagos.   Its me again, MarquisMarquis Me and welcome to another of my blog , which is ALL about Lagos, the city where I Live.

Lagos is a fascinatingly fast developing and big city in West Africa, Nigeria.And of course, the space of living too is FAST.So he or she who is not fast enough should not live in Lagos.And that is just a suggestion from me, take it or leave it.

This blog is just a weekly posts of or about living in in Lagos, my personal diary excepts of singlehood in Lagos , lifestyles, trends,gist,events, pictures and so much I can share and tell, right here on this blog.
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Well, as you are reading this, you may live in Lagos, relocated out, just visiting, about to visit, hanging out here or you may not EVER come here.But I do live in Lagos myself and its my pleasure to tell you weekly about this MEGA CITY,as it is, now and how it has been.

Most people don't really get the idea of what its like and feels like living in Lagos and with this pages, its a journey into the beauty, scenes, thrills, challenges, events, excitements,the HUSTLES and BUSTLES and of course, the cautions or advices you may need as you step into this centre of excellence.

So lets make it a blog, moments to share, to say,to ask and to tell as we live or make a life here as citizens of Lagos,and as well our country, Nigeria.  This is Lagos and Me, bringing you the real,the bad, the good or even worst and most common retrospect on a Metropolitan City.  

Welcome to Lagos. Eko o ni Baje ooo!!! Smile  Thumbs up Fingers crossed

Marquis © July 2012

July 31, 2012

My First Marathon and How to RUN in Life.

Hi there!!
Here is just an account of my first ever marathon race.Its the MTN marathon race in the year 2005 and I am so glad that i was part of it. Though i wasn't a professional athlete, or had ever been in an organised race as this, but i was sure i can RUN and participate in it. It was a time and event to be part of and to experience. Running entails many things and so is the race of Life and living.Lag city_thumb
This is about my experience in the race, what I learnt and what running or jogging , had taught me, which i want to share here. Life isn't ALL about how fast or far you RUN, but its about getting there and how well. Though its nothing but a jogging race,but i want to use the word Run or running here in place of the marathon race. Running is all about using your legs,going faster than when you walk. It entails energy, ability, drive, stamina, endurance and faith. The stage was set then, participants were ready, spectators were cheering and excited as we all stand at the starting line, which is also like life. The race is open and general one with a  common and same starting point, from our birth.On you marks, get set, ready…………..GO!!!
To run metaphorically in life, we need energy,but not just our own. God is our strength and whatever we do we need His backing,support and His push to move on. Running a marathon race of life needs the whole lot of energy we can get to keep you & I going. You must have the energy before you could embark on such marathon race,and many people had to stop where their energy could take them. Running the race with too much energy at the start could be very dangerous.
Next, is that no race could be run without having the ability to do so. Ability is knowing what you can do.It is being able to do something, and a level of skill or intelligence to perform a task. So why would I chose to run in a marathon that i don't have the ability to do? Why do many of us take up so much that we can chew in Life? Do you judge your self by comparing others ability with yours? I can only say we are ALL given our own sets of ability. You should strive to use your own ability in the area of your calling. Be the best of fish you are in that river or ocean where you find yourself.
Drive is also paramount in the race of life. As you go through life,what drives you? What is your drive? Is it God, love, hate, money, pleasures or greed? Think about about it, when i started out the marathon, i wasn't driven by the price tag or the fame, but i was just content with doing it and enjoying every step all the way. Most participants really came for one thing or another,as their drive but what really matters most is we should not allow our drives in life drive us to undesired roads or destinations. With good and well meaning drives for whatever we do, can be of benefit for us in the long run.
Do you have stamina? This is what sustains you when you are been hit with the storms, events or setbacks of life. Stamina is gives you the balance and fortitude to achieve your goals and dreams as you run in life no matter how hard,long,rough and painful it seems. Living in Lagos could be likened to a marathon race, where the speed of life and things can over whelm you. The hustling and bustling of this city is what makes Lagos ALIVE, on-going ,modern and attractive in its unique way, attracting all sort of indigenes from all parts of Nigeria to compete and to make a living. And  if you have to live in Lagos, you must be willing, strong, determined and willing to keep on running to meet up. So if you cant keep, please don't step up. Life is a long road with lots of catching up to do as you run, just like the marathon race. You would also need focus and faith for the race for life and living.
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